Friday, 27 March 2015

Duck Lane Diversion 18

Only need 11 miles to make up the week's target so make the most of a nice morning today.  Just heading out to Wick St Lawrence and having a mooch around that part of Weston.

Continium Diatom

The bio chemists amongst you will recognise this sculpture as being a model of the silica micro organisms that combine to make clay.  This is down by the Railway Station at Weston and it has been put on the site of a Royal Pottery, that used to be around here somewhere, in recognition of the thriving pottery industry that was once in this area.  The seam of clay has now been used up. 

Duck Lane

Over the last few months, have ridden through Wick St Lawrence, a small village north of Weston and seen this sign for Duck Lane. Had the time today to explore up there, never found Warth or Muddy Lane but did find something of interest at the end. Read on.

Weston Model Aircraft Club

Reaching the end of Duck Lane, saw a wind soc fluttering away. A short distance after that, came upon a chap in a field with a couple of model aircraft. Spent quite a bit of time chatting to him and the end result is an invite one weekend to watch the club in action when it is a lot busier. What a nice bloke.

18 today which exceeds expectations. Job done.

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