Thursday, 26 March 2015

Walton Windy Wander 26

Met up with Mick at Graham's house this morning and we went out to Wellesbourne and Walton.  A bit drizzly at first but the forecast was pretty accurate as it brightened up later. I had forgotten my wet weather gear so no rain (apart from when we were in the cafe later) was a bonus. The lads had offered me some but did not need it.

Watch your speed

In more ways than one. Watch out for the speed camera.  This was on the Stratford Road Warwick and 15 yards further back I had crashed!  Getting off the main road onto the cycle path the lowered kerb was higher than anticipated and the front wheel skidded away from me. Went a box of tacks right in front of these bobbies. The helmet saved some damage to the pavement as my head hit it a fair crack. No damage to the bike but I think I am going to have the first big scab on my left knee for 50 years. Mick and Graham chatting to the bobbies, the lady whom I knew slightly having worked with her in the Control Room some time ago. This was the second incident of the day, one of us (no names, no pack drill) had knocked the wing mirror of a car earlier. Again, no damage done.

Carried on to Wellesbourne for tea and toast at the Airfield Cafe before a nice ride through Walton Hall and back to Leamington with quite a strong wind blowing, much more than when we started out. Total today was 26 miles.

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