Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Three Towns Trot. 15

Rode around Warwick and Leamington and Kenilworth today on a visit to family and friends. Can't get the pictures on at the moment. Should be done later tomorrow.
Back in Weston now.

Smith Street Warwick

Nice hat and dress? outside a Fancy Dress shop in Smith Street Warwick. Next time I go to a party as a lady pirate, I shall know where to go.

Crocuses Christchurch Gardens

I had forgotten how hilly it is around these three towns!  Good exercise though. It was also a suprisingly cold wind blowing. This fine display of crocuses/crocii ? cheered me up on the last 3 miles.

A good ride around the old haunts, clocked 15 miles in total.

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