Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Burtle and Beyond, and back again! 34

Out with the Old Gits club today, well partially.  A new route today, for a change the destination is Glastonbury and the meeting point has shifted from Weston to Mark, a small village 10 miles south of Weston. Rather than get a lift, I cycled to Mark and met up with the boys. Unfortunately, two of them had to drop out because of a buckled wheel, so a total of eight ventured forth towards Glastonbury. 

Avalon Marshes Centre

The Old Gits stopped at the Avalon Marshes, a couple of miles on the far side of the village of Burtle, looking for a cup of tea. The cafe had not opened so they carried on. I needed to get back by lunchtime so I left them and stopped for tea and cake, waiting for the tea place to open.  The shop sold craft products and looked a very interesting place to visit in the future. The marshes them selves are managed by Somerset Wildlife Trust with help from the Lottery Fund and a lot of work is in progress.

Wooden Bike Rack

Used this log rack whilst taking the tea. A novel, simple and very cheap option to catering for cyclists.

Peat Factory

The road from Bridgewater to Burtle goes through an area rich in peat, and straight through the middle of a peat processing plant. Unfortunately, it does mean lorries are up and down this 'quiet' backroad.

Burtle Church

A very picturesque church on the edge of Burtle Village.  The Anglican Church of St Philip and St. James was built in 1838/9 and typically is in need of restoration which the villagers are keeping on top of. Carried on from here back to Weston with a NW wind in my face.

Made it back in time for my appointment and luckily, as the bike went in the shed, the hail and rain came down. Must buy a lottery ticket. A solid 34 miles today.

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