Monday, 23 March 2015

Kewstoke Kicker 14

A little warm up for the proposed 'big ride' tomorrow.  Spent the morning changing tyres and inner tubes on the mountain bike as the big chunky treads needed to come off. Went out on it in the afternoon after a bit of maintenance. Just did a simple circuit over to Sand Bay and back through the cycle paths that run along the railway line.

BMX Track

Along the old Toll Road towards Kewstoke from Weston, there is a self made BMX track in the woods at the side of the road. I say self made, that is a presumption as it does not look too presentable and I have often seen young teenagers with picks and spades maintaining them and putting carpet or tarpaulin over them.  Not my cup of tea, there might be somebody watching

Bike up a tree

Not too clear in the first photo, but someone ( I suspect the lads who use the nearby BMX track) has fixed a little old bike to the top of a tall tree. With no branches on the trunk, this took some doing.  A clearer image on the second shot.


Spotted these on the cycle path near to the retail parks at Winterstoke.  It was the official first day of Spring yesterday but someone needs to tell the weather man. Still a cold NE wind blowing. Nice to see the flowers coming up though.


After all that work this morning, the back tyre was getting quite soft about 2 miles from home. Halfords provide a good service, a hand pump with gauge bolted to the pavement outside their shop. Took but a moment to get the pressure back up and will have to wait to see what it is like in the morning.

An interesting spin round, clocked 14 miles, just a nice taster for tomorrow.

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