Friday, 20 March 2015

Marking Mark 21

Next Tuesday, the Weston Old Gits are moving off their normal beaten track and going down to Glastonbury. As this is further than their normal expeditions, the arrangements are to meet, and start, from Mark, a small village 10 miles south of Weston. Most will travel there by car but I have a mind to cycle there.  Todays ride was a recce to see how long it will take me and whether this might be achievable. It only took 45 mins to get there so, if the weather is right that will be the plan.
Unfortunately, no photos today except this one I took of the eclipse earlier today. The quality is not good but the important thing is, the memory is preserved. Strange really, we have travelled all over the place chasing eclipses in the past and watch this one from our bedroom window!

21 miles today. 45 minutes to get to Mark and struggled back against a NW wind!  

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