Thursday, 19 March 2015

Weston Wander 9

A bit short of time today and need to do a few errands in town. As it is such a nice day, decided to use the bike to go into town and have a short ride round afterwards.

Jeffrey Archer

Another celebrity on the mural in Weston town. Jeffrey Archer was born in London but moved to Weston when he was a few weeks old. He spent most of his formative years in the town which I suppose qualifies him for a place on the Wall of Fame.  Archer was born in April 1940 and has had a somewhat chequered career, in politics, as a writer, a convicted criminal and as a charity fund raiser!  Reading Wickapedia about his career has been an eye opener. Worth looking at.


Another attraction to welcome tourists and holiday makers to the town. Situated right opposite the pier, it is only £2 a go. Wont take the grandkids down there then.

A pleasant wander around Weston, only 9 miles but got all my jobs done.

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