Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Back in the saddle! 15

Just got back today from a week in Turkey, a whole week without getting on two wheels! We did a bit of a culture tour by coach around the Cappadocia region (fascinating scenery, recommend a visit) and was unable to get anywhere near a push bike the whole of the time we were there. Very frustrating. Back out this afternoon after the journey back from Gatwick, taking in Weston town and a circuit around Lympsham and back.

High Tide

Weston has an unfair reputation that the tide is always out and you never see the sea. At certain high tides it doea actually reach the sea walls and today, with it being higher than usual, motorists who park on the sand are advised accordingly. Since living here we have seen several cars caught out by the tide and having to be dragged off when the water recedes.  Cannot say they have not been warned.

Return of the Sand Sculptures

There has been a fair bit of local debate as to whether the sand sculptures should return. The council have agreed again and for the 10th year running an exhibition will be held on the beach this summer. No telling what will be behind the high boards when the diggers have finished, you have to pay to go in and see them.

John Cleese

One of the founder members of the Monty Python Flying Circus, John Cleese was born in Weston Super Mare in 1934 and spent his formative years in the town. This photo is taken from a mural on a wall opposite the technical college and depicts John Cleese doing his famous 'Ministry of Funny Walks' along the pier at Weston.

A good ride today, 15 miles in pleasant, but a little cold, weather. Not helped by wearing shorts for the first time this year.

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