Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Old Gits Gallop (Shortened version!) 18

Tuesday is Old Gits Day. As one of them is recovering from a hernia operation, three of us decided to cut out the usual Hill of Doom, which on the Ordnance Survey maps is shown as Banwell Hill,  and chose an alternative flatter, slightly shorter route, to see how he would fare after a month lay off.

The Peleton

We met him at the usual place and ambled along to the cafe where we met up with the rest of the gang. The usual social discourse over tea and apple cake. Nice to see Big Al back from his 3 months in Spain, even better when he gave us an orange each he had brought back with him. The more cynical members of the group were looking for the Morrison's sticker on them.  The nine of us then rode back to Weston as a group. This is the peleton forming in Wick Lane.

The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse Pub, in Worle, is the point where the group has a debrief and starts to make their separate ways home. John, minus his hernia, did well on the circuit and should be back to normal next week. 

A good ride today apart from the headwind on the way back. The clear skies were a bonus. Clocked 18 miles today.

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