Sunday, 1 March 2015

Barton Breeze 26

Out today to finish the route started yesterday. A bit windy out there, but a nice sunny morning. No charge in the phone so had to leave that, the map displayed is not the usual Strava one but traced onto a map. Funny how not having a mobile phone handy gives a feeling of vulnerability whilst out. 

Can chickens read?

Stopped for a breather in Banwell village and had to smile at the sign on a gate. Is this a warning to visitors to keep the gate closed because there are chickens inside, or is it an order to the chickens, and chickens only, to close the gate when they use it. Not going to hang about to find out, there is a hill to climb ahead.


Climbed out of Banwell into Sandford and headed to Winscombe.  This little methodist church was near the top of quite a steep climb so it was a pleasure to stop and take the photo. In all fairness, it did deserve it, a pretty little church.
Carried on through Winscombe and Barton back to Weston.

Funny wind today, it was never quite in the face or pushing you along. A nice 26 miler though breaking the 100 miles for the week.

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