Saturday, 28 February 2015

Banwell Borders 20

Looking for going out on pastures new today. Preplanned a route that would be a big circuit of around 25 miles, and to be on the safe side, took an Ordnance Survey map with me. So why did I get lost? Followed the roads nicely and then saw a temporary sign to Banwell Solar Farm  This was just on the route I wanted but after about 3/4 mile down a very muddy farm track realised it may have been better to stick with the map. A construction worker confirmed that it would be best to back track and pick up the correct road.  Ended up going into Banwell and taking a familiar route back home. Must trust the maps in future!

Good ride despite no pictures to show. If the weather holds up will try and get it right tomorrow!  20 miles to add to my collection.

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