Friday, 27 February 2015

Burnham Burn 31

A lovely sunny morning in North Somerset, all the ingredients for a nice ride. Heading out to Burnham on Sea via Mark.

White Horse Inn  Mark

Took a photo of this place some months back. Then it was empty and looked a bit run down. I see in the local paper that it has been taken over by two sisters who lived here (their Dad was the landlord) and is now fully open and the two girls have realised an ambition to run the pub if the opportunity arose.  Good luck to them I say.

Solar Panels
Riding around this area there does seem to be an awful lot of fields being taken over by there vast areas of solar panels. Presumably, the power companies rent a field and fill it with these panels. There is 'Danger of Death' signs all over the place so I wonder how they will keep the grass and weeds down. Fill it with electric sheep?

Nasty Hedgecutting!

On the road into Burnham on Sea from the A38, noticed this dreadful hedge on the right hand side. Compared to some examples that have been on this blog of decent hedge laying, this is a disaster. The farmers seem to use chain flails that just rips off the branches to make them 'neat'. Of course, a by product of all this is very sharp shards of wood lying in the road which can be a disaster for cyclists.


Have noticed the Council have been dragging all the big pieces of driftwood off the beach following the big Spring tides. Looks like they are being collected in this coned off area of the beach for collection later. Some of the logs are very big and there was a whole tree in there somewhere, about 30 feet long. Makes you wonder where it all comes from.

A good ride today, just a fraction under 31 miles.

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