Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lympsham Lollop 10

Just a quick one today as time is a bit tight. Left it till later as it rained fairly heavy this morning and used the mountain bike in a quick loop around Lympsham, a small village south of Weston.  After the awful morning, it was pleasant to be out in sunshine albeit a bit cold in the wind.

Public Toilet Uphill

A bit of a hot potato with the locals is the fact that the council charge 20p per visit for all public conveniences in the area. The local social media has been full of requests for the council to finish with the paying to use the loo. There are tales of folk, desperate to spend a penny (or a twenty pence piece) not having any change and ending up in some distress. I can speak from experience having needed to use the facility and having no change. Yes I did remain dry!

Just the one photo today, not very exciting, but newsworthy to Weston residents!  A useful 10 miles today.

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