Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Old Gits Galumph 17

Old Gits Day today but doing a shortened version as the diary shows a real busy schedule today. Cycle ride, drive to the Midlands, sort out a little family business, band practice at Redditch for a couple of hours then we have a 'gig' at an open mike night in Redditch. Need to save a bit of energy so Old Git Norman and I cycled the shorter, flat route out to the cafe and had tea and cake before I left them chin wagging.

Rail Crossing

On the way out to the cafe we took a route we had not used before, through Worle and Wick St Lawrence.  It meant we had to cross the railway line at one point and we found this foot crossing half way along a cycle path we were on. Had to wait for a train to pass and the driver thoughtfully gave us a toot as he could see us waiting. The hi vis jackets do work then!

Very windy today and unfortunately the way back home was directly into it. Made hard work of the second half of the 17 miles covered.

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