Sunday, 22 February 2015

Wet 'n' Windy Weston 13

Not a very good day to be out on a bike today. Quite heavy rain, and a wind that grew stronger as the ride went on. Luckily in my favour on the return. Not too warm either. Just did a circuit round Weston with a loop out to Lympsham.

High tides

This last couple of days, there has been the highest tides recorded for a couple of decades. The Sun, Moon and Mars have all been lined up creating a bigger gravitational pull on the oceans. This estuary has the second biggest rise and fall of tides in the world and consequently, the effect on the coast has been increased. The sea has been reaching up to the sea wall, and over in places, and the flood gates have been in operation. The amount of wood and debris has also been thrown up as can be seen from this photo taken along the main prom.

Dead body?

No it wasn't!  Not connected to the cycling but to the last post, this was seen from my balcony yesterday morning.  The first thought was to ring 999 but a second glance showed it to be a bit too big to be a corpse. Went and had a closer look and it was a log.  Phew.

The waterproofs worked well this morning and the bike had a good soaking which meant it was easier to clean of the muck from the canal trip on Friday.  13 today which makes 101 for the week.

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