Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Burnham Burn 30

Burnham on Sea today.  Going out through Uphill, across the Somerset Levels to Mark and heading for one of the best cafes around these parts. They do an excellent cheese on toast which will go down very well, especially as the section between Mark and Burnham will be head on into the quite strong wind. Should be plain sailing to Weston after that.

Uphill boat

A common sight around these parts is a flower filled boat in the centre of a traffic island. This is the one at Uphill, with a nice display of winter pansies blooming away.

"We are not amused"

Spotted on the road that runs from Junction 22 of the M5 into Burnham on Sea, this stone was obviously erected in 2002 to mark the golden jubilee. HRH would not be amused to see the grammatical error on the stone. Did the apostrophe fall off then Mr Stonemason. Included the daffodil in the shot to show that Spring is nearly here.

The Reeds Arms

Owned by Wetherspoons, this pub has a prime spot at Burnham on the sea front. It is a 'pile em high, sell em cheap' type of place but for a quick snack, not bad value.  It's claim to fame is that the Weston Old Gits Cycling Club had tea and toast here on the 3rd Feb this year.

Another good ride knocking up just over 30 miles.

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