Friday, 6 March 2015

Highbridge Hop 33

Lovely sunny day today, much warmer than of late although the wind is still whistling.  Off to Highbridge today, taking in a nice quiet circuit through Eastertown, Mark and Watchfield.

Peugeot Seller

Going through Uphill on a regular basis, I always look out for the chap that sold me the old Peugeot bike. After about 5 months, finally saw him today and stopped and had a chat with him. He was chuffed that I had bothered and was appreciative of how the bike was looking now. I gave him a potted history of what had been done to it and how the mileage on it is approaching 1300 now. He did comment that he often wondered what had happened to it. Pity the old boy does not use the internet, he will never see this post.

Watchfield Inn

Going out through Mark and the Glastonbury road, turned towards Highbridge on the B3039 where this pub stands.  Not a lot about it on Google, very mixed reviews. That can go to one side for now.

Highbridge Marina

Not sure if this qualifies as a marina or not.  Certainly a gathering of moored boats on the mouth of the River Parrett. The height of the mooring poles gives an indication of the rise and fall of the tides in these parts. Second highest in the world. The chap on the right was collecting firewood. Might as well, there is loads bought in daily.

Its Back!

After being away for the Christmas holiday season in Birmingham, the big wheel is back in Weston. Still in the latter stages of being constructed, it should be up and running soon. Been on it once, good views if you don't mind wasting £3 (last years price).

Very pleasant 33 miles today.  The highlight of the day was seeing 5 white egrets gathered together on the Somerset Levels near to Mark. Must be near Springtime!

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