Sunday, 8 March 2015

Brent Knoll Bash 22

Murky sort of morning after yesterday's sunshine.  Went out to Mark, via Brent Knoll and took the reverse route for a change. Funny how the roads look different when travelling in the opposite direction. No photos today unfortunately.  Missed a really good opportunity when I said good morning to a motorcycle cop doing a speed check on Mark Causeway. Two miles further on, the light came on, and I cursed for not stopping to get his picture.  That was the only chance of the day, especially when in the second half of the ride, it became quite drizzly.

Just over 22 miles today. Worked quite hard and for the first time the average speed was above 13 mph (13.1) for a ride over 20 miles. Also made the week's target so a good day all round.

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