Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Old Gits Grind 24

It was a grind today for some unknown reason. As soon as I left the house peddling seemed like hard work and I put that down to using the mountain bike instead of the road bike. It did not get any better.   Did the usual route, out to Banwell, Winscombe, Sandford and back through Puxton and Hewish to Weston. A dry day out there, not freezing and the wind has dropped considerably. 

Road not closed !

This was in Barton Lane, junction Church Road Winscombe. For three weeks now, signs have been up saying road closed. Week one, we went and had a look and there was nothing there. Same with the second week. This week there was no signs at all which too us, indicated that there was no problem. Well, there wasn't until we came across this lot. Had to walk to negotiate the obstruction.  Geoff at the back, Chris in the red coat.

After tea and cake at the Hewish Cafe struggled to get back home. One of the Old Gits thought the rear tyre on the bike looked a bit flat but pumping it up made no difference. Did 26.6 miles today, glad to get home in the end.

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