Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hunting Lodge Lies 25

Out to Axbridge today. Taking a circular route through Banwell, Sandford and along the Strawberry Line to Axbridge itself. Quite a nice afternoon for a ride, the wind has shifted round to the south making it a bit warmer than of late.

Banwell Roadworks

These have been on for a couple of weeks now on the A370 and have been causing quite a few problems in the area. Possibly the cause of the traffic problem the Old Gits encountered on Tuesday as drivers looked for an alternative way round. This is the white lining in process and although the closure is still in place, a skinny cyclist was able to sneak through. 

Strawberry Line

Part of todays ride was along a disused railway called the Strawberry Line as it was built to take strawberries from the Cheddar region to Weston, Yatton and beyond. This wooden wheelbarrow marks the spot, just outside Winscombe, where the line was started, using a silver shovel according to the notice displayed. Keeps the vampires away I suppose.

King John's Hunting Lodge

This is where the lie in the title comes in. This building, in Axbridge town square, is a museum owned by the National Trust. Built around 1460 it has been a shop, an inn and after being bequethed to the NT in 1971, a museum. Considering King John reigned from 1166 to 1216, and it has never been used as a hunting lodge, somebody is telling 'porkies'. Where this name actually came from is not clear at all.

Little Egret

Seen in a field near to Loxton, not sure if this is the same egret seen three times in three different places or three different birds. Hard to say when he/they have appeared in a triangle 4 miles by 6 miles by 3 miles.

Good ride, covered just over 25 miles.

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