Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Old Gits Gallop 23

Out with the Weston Old Gits Cycling Club today. A chilly start to the day and we had to watch carefully on some of the cycle paths for icy patches. There were some but nobody fell off!  Slightly reduced numbers as well today, just 8 of us did the usual route around Banwell and Puxton.
No photos today unfortunately. We did encounter one incident travelling along Max Mill Lane, two vans, both drawing trailers, met in the middle of a single track road. With other cars behind them, it took a bit of sorting out and the road was blocked for a time. Unfortunately, being one of the first ones through, there was no chance to record it.

The usual 23+ miles today. After about 9.30, it was a glorious morning with clear blue sky. A pleasure to be out.

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