Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kewstoke Climbs 12

Terrible weather this morning, heavy rain most of it. Took a ride out to Kewstoke, near Sand Bay when the rain stopped after lunch.  Not the normal Strava map, did not turn the phone on until 9 miles in.  Managed to draw this on the ipad.

The Wooden Spoon.

A bit of a transport cafe this, down near the local station. It is used a lot, especially during the holiday season when coach drivers drop off the customers and park up for the day (£6). No surprise with the weather, the car park was empty.

Cecil, the dude in the phone box.

Saw this in my free local paper yesterday and went down today to find him. He has been put there simply to 'Make people smile' and with his outfits being changed on a regular basis, it will certainly do that. This is located not far from where the Old Gits meet every Tuesday so this may be a regular feature on the blog.  Cecil has his own Facebook page as well, just search :- Cecil, the dude in the phone box.

Flood barriers

Carried on from Cecil, on the Locking Road, and went over the hills to Kewstoke.  Dropping back to Weston, noticed that the flood barriers are being put in place for the high tides that are forecast for the next couple of days. With the sun, moon and mars all lined up and strong winds forecast, the local council are on high alert. If there is no blog tomorrow, me and my bike have been swept away.

12 miles today.

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