Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wander around Weston 13

Still another windy day. 13 miles to do today to make up the week's target so not going too far afield. Went around the town and then extended the ride out to Uphill nature reserve to add a few miles on.


Apologies for the quality of this one. Went to the far end of the promenade where the wind was pushing the waves against the sea wall breaking them over the parapet. The sun was directly ahead and the bike got soaked in sea water after one attempt. Enough is enough. Trust me, there is a wave there somewhere.

RNLI Training day

Now stationed on the promenade since their HQ have been declared unsafe on the old pier, the volunteers train some nights and on a Sunday morning. They have picked a good day for it today with the sea being quite rough. They just love it, rather them than me though, fair play to them all.

A good mooch around, 13.5 miles so 100 for the week completed.

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