Saturday, 10 January 2015

Brean Battle 20

Why battle?  Because a lot of today was against a considerable wind. Hard work at times. Made up for of course when the wind was behind. Went a pretty standard route out through Uphill, across to Berrow and back to Weston via Brean, Lympsham and Uphill again.

Bleadon Car Boot

As advertised, every Fri and Sat morning. Not today though. Must be too windy for them.  Only been once since we moved here. The best of all the c*#p had gone before we arrived, fortunately!

Painted bus shelter

This was in between Berrow and Brean. Looks like it depicts Brean with the long sandy beach, caravans, and views across the fields. Possibly the viewpoint for this painting is from the top of Brean Down.  Good initiative from the bus company. Brightens up the landscape.

Quite a tough 20 miles today.

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