Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Old Gits Gallop 24

Not so much a gallop today.  That was hard work and for the first time it was a relief to get back home.  A puncture 3/4 the way round meant a change of inner tube and could not get the new one up to the right tyre pressure. That made cycling harder work plus we were into the wind, and rain. We did the usual circuit around Banwell, Sandford and Puxton.

Max Mill Lane

Three of the gang making it to the 'catch up' point at the bottom of Max Mill Lane. The ride started off OK in the sunshine and the aim was to get to the coffee stop around ten to beat the rain that was forecast. Two Phils making good time followed by Dave.

Arnie and Alan

Closely followed by these two, the back markers at this point, which meant we could crack on. As we approached the cafe at Hewish, it did start to spit with rain and shortly after we were safely ensconced in there it poured down. Excellent timing.


Leaving the coffee shop I noticed that the rear tyre on my bike was nearly flat so pumped it right up and carried on. Unfortunately that did not last long so had to stop again 1/2 mile further on and change the inner tube. Norman, on the right, found a thin thorn in the tube which is not too surprising considering the amount of hedge cutting that has been going on lately around these reins.  Alan and Phil giving moral support on the left. Changed it OK and was able to carry on after a short stop, unfortunately into quite heavy rain.

A tough one that. Covered nearly 24 miles today.

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