Friday, 16 January 2015

Mark Mooch 30

Headed out south to find Mark after getting lost the other day! This time, took the Ordnance Survey map with me.  A sunny day, but a fresh NW wind made it feel quite cold. Went down through Bleadon, Rooks Bridge, Mark and back through Burnham and Brean.

Wellington Arms Rookbridge

This pub is on the A38 in the village of Rooks bridge. It was built about 1740. It serves food and is a 'free house' serving a whole range of beers. Stopped here to check the map and make sure that the lanes to Mark were nearby. Not a problem at all, next right along the main road took me staight into the heart of the village of Mark. From there easily made Burnham and the Bay View Cafe on the promenade. Tea and a cake there before plodding back the remaining 12+ miles into the wind.

Just over 30 miles today.

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