Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Weston Old Gits Frosty Failure ! 17

A bit of a strange ride today.  The old back is not 100% yet but felt that, at least, could start a ride out with the Old Gits and see how it fares.  Quite a cold morning and as the sun rose in a clear sky, signs of frost started to appear on the cycle paths and pavements.  The back felt fine but thinking about some fairly steep hills ahead, very low gear stuff, thought it might be prudent to turn round and leave the gang to it.  As we got to the A370 Banwell Road however, it was evident that there was more ice around than we anticipated and four of us turned back and decided to take the flatter, more sheltered route to the cafe at Hewish.

Lidl lounge

The normal route that the majority were taking meant we would get to the cafe some time before them, consequently we took a leisurely ride back through the town.  To extend the time a bit, we stopped at the Lidl store near Worle and browsed around the cycle gear. Normally, there are some good bargains in there but not today. From L to R, John, Al and Norman outside the shop.  We carried on to the cafe and the rest of the old gits had just arrived. Perfect timing. They had cut out the bigger hills as well, fearing problems on the downhill stretches afterwards, and took an alternative route. The tea and toast went down well!

All told a good 17 mile ride. It was cold, but wrapping up paid off. At the end of it the back muscles were good.  Yay.

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