Friday, 19 December 2014

Shopping Trot! 3

Busy old day today, what with shopping and school carol concerts! Just had time for a ride down to the town.

Pirate Crazy Golf

On the site of last year's big wheel, a new feature is being developed, a pirate crazy golf course. Just what the world needs. The posters advertising seem to indicate quite a large structure but the reality does not seem to match up with the promise. We shall see.  This is just south of the Grand Pier on the opposite side of the road.

Sand Sculpture

Busking with a difference.  This chap was in the High Street in Weston making a sand sculpture of a dog and pup. Very life like. He was doing pretty well for tips judging by the amount of one pound coins in his collecting tray. 

Just a little 3 miles today, enough to keep the old joints moving. 

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