Monday, 8 December 2014

Berrow Bash 21

Another nice clear day so took a ride down south on the edge of the Somerset Levels. Out through Uphill, Bleadon and Brent, back through Berrow and Brean.

Post House Cafe Bleadon

Took a slight detour in Bleadon to see what was in the village, off the beaten track.  Found this little cafe come village store. This is only about 4 miles from home so not worth really calling in this early for refreshments. Perhaps on the way back home in the summer.


Carrying on from Bleadon along the side roads, this is about the northern tip of the Somerset Levels, a large area of Somerset that was drained in the middle ages to provide more land for agriculture. It is prone to flooding however and last year was particularly bad for the area. This chap was doing some work on the ditches alongside  a house. Had to take a photo before walking round the obstruction.

East Brent Methodist Church

Carried on through the levels and turned back towards the coast at East Brent. This is the Methodist Church just off the A370. Taken more to show the blue sky than anything else!

Just over 21 miles today. Quite a tough ride to be honest, there was a strong, cold, wind blowing off the sea and that made the ride 'challenging' at times.

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