Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Old Gits Winscombe Woes 23

Out with the Old Gits today. A good turn out, 11 in all, despite the cold morning.  We did the usual circuit, stopping for tea and cake on the trip of course.

Posing time

Little John (on the right) was after a picture of the Old Gits actually out on the road. All the ones he has so far show us in various poses at the tea stop. He wanted one of us actually on the road. A good place to pose was by the waterfall in Max Mill Lane. There was a bit of banter of course, mainly centering on posing for a calendar. Now there is a thought!

Woe number 1

In Winscombe, we turn off the main road and go onto the Strawberry Line, a disused railway line. Immediately, Geoff declared he had a puncture and found a large thorn in the side of his back tyre. All hands to the pumps (pun intended) and we stood and watched him change the tube. A couple of walkers going by did remark, "How many cyclists does it take to mend a puncture."

Woe 2

We met up at the tea stop a bit later and many of us had hot chocolate instead of a cup of tea. Far more appropriate to chase the cold away. Leaving the cafe, we had gone about a mile when Les had to contend with Woe number 2. Another puncture, again in the back wheel. Luckily, most of us carry spare tubes so easily repaired. I think the other Old Gits were encouraging Les to hurry up as the cold wind was biting a bit by now.

A good ride out, a cold wind to contend with but a decent 23 miles done.

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