Saturday, 6 December 2014

Burnham on Sea Saunter 28

Another nice morning, sunny but cold. First job today is to ride into town and get some overshoes. Do not want a repeat of the cold feet experienced the other day. With the temperature just above freezing they are a must.  Heading down to Burnham on Sea today via Bleadon and Brent Knoll and return via Brean.

Wheres Wally

Travelled about 100 yards from home heading down the prom towards town and met this bunch. A real assortment of santas, shepherds, umpaloompahs and these Wallys.  There is a fairly big 10K running race in Weston tomorrow and this crowd are going to be the marshalls for the event. To check out the course and familiarise themselves with it they run the course the day before. I forgot to ask them if they were doing it for charity. If not they should do, a lot of effort went into this. Can you see which one is Wally? They all look like one to be honest.

Santa's Angels

Another few hundred yards and found about 100 Santas on motorbikes. These were gathering at Weston before riding into Bristol to join up with a load more to ride for charity, a local children's hospice. Such a good cause I had to dip my hand in my pocket.

The Bicycle Chain

Into Weston now and call at the bike shop for some overshoes. First pair I tried on were neoprene which pulled on over the top of shoes like a sock. I just could not manage to get those on at all, far too hard with my arthritic thumbs. Settled for a wrap round pair with velcro. Much easier. The chap in there was very helpful and they seem to know what they are talking about.

Say cheese!

Could not resist saying that to this happy quartet. They were part of the earlier group and were making their way home after they had finished. I do like to meet folk with a sense of humour.  Less than 2 miles covered and captured all the shots I need. Best get on with the ride to Burnham then.

Really enjoyed the 28 miles covered today. Stopped in Burnham for tea and cheese on toast before heading back through Brean.

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