Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wick Wander 20

Wick is a tiny hamlet near to Brent Knoll and must have at least 3 houses in it!  Just thought it deserved a mention that's all, no-one else will. What a change from yesterday, a really nice sunny day today. Took an amble down near Brent Knoll, south of Weston.

Catherine's Inn, Bleadon

Dont know who Catherine was. Must ask next time we visit. One of the Hungry Horse chain of pubs/restaurants this is at Bleadon, south of Weston on the A370. Been in several times, not too bad in there, especially the two courses for 4.75 if you are over 65 and it is a weekday before 5pm. Good value but bear in mind, you do get what you pay for.

Shelter, Weston Prom

 Most of the shelters along the prom are Victorian, this one was built in the 20th century.    Tim Etchells, a Sheffield artist, has put a new slant on this one by etching into various glass panels, fleeting glimpses seen whilst looking out at the sun, sea and sand. An example is below.  Wonder how much he got for doing that.

Money for old rope!

Good amble round today, clocked 20 miles. That made the total for the week, 127, best total since June.  When I got back, gave both bikes a good clean. They were filthy from riding round in the rain, especially after yesterday on the Strawberry Line. Feel better for doing that.

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