Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Old Git Gamble 24

Not much to report today except the weather made a big impact on the Old Git's's outing. In all fairness, heavy rain was forecast but at 7.30am it did not seem too bad.  The Old Git web site had warned of the rain.

Went to the usual Old Gits meeting place, The Borough Arms on the the Bristol Road. Phil turned up and we debated whether to go or not. By about 8.40 the rain had virtually stopped so we agreed to do the normal route. We were aware that other members were going to the cafe by car so we could meet up with them later. Bad choice. We were about 2 miles into the ride, riding into the wind, when the rain came down quite hard. It did get better and we had tea and cake at the cafe. Nothing else to report really, no photographs, it was not worth stopping and hunting through the wet weather gear to find the camera. All in all, a soggy 24 miles today.

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