Friday, 14 November 2014

Berrow Bender 24

Another nice sunny day, so on with the shorts again. Did not think that was going to happen again this year. Headed south into the stiffish breeze and took a roundabout route to Berrow, then let the wind do some of the work going back.

Lympsham village stores

Going through Lympsham, took a photo of the stores which are housed in the same building as the sports pavilion.  A nice little place is Lympsham, seems to have a lot going for it. It was tempting to dash into the store and get a Mars Bar but common sense prevailed.

Christmas gnomes are out!

A short distance from Lympsham, crossed the A370 into Eastertown. Didn't get far before these gnomes were spotted trying to escape over the garden wall. Still six weeks to go and they are out already

 Brent Knoll Inn

Located just off the A370 and near to the A38 this looked like a nice place to try out. Trip advisor has really mixed reviews so may give this a miss for a while.

24 miles today, 90% of which was on the flat. To be expected when you ride on the Somerset Levels!

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