Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wick St Lawrence Loop 18

A nice enough day again, ideal for going out and stretching the legs. Took a trip over to Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence and back through the cycle lanes that are quite prevalent in the newer housing estates in Weston.

Summer Lane Pond

Just near to the Banwell Lane railway lane is a pond. This is on the edge of a fairly new housing estate and provides walks, fishing and other recreations. The place is well organised for fishing with well placed 'pegs' spaced around the perimeter. Quite a good place to see birds, unfortunately the ducks and swans moved away as I arrived.

Silver Birch

Had my eye on these trees for a photo op for some time now, and the light highlighted the contrast quite well today. A bit arty farty perhaps, and may have been improved with a couple of trolls eating a hobbit on the grassy area.

Street Art?
Not sure what this is. Looks like some tribute to the industrial revolution. You would think that having taken the trouble to commission  and erect this, there would be some explanation as to what this  is all about. (Exit grumpy old man mode). These three photos were taken within a couple of hundred yards from each other, next to the cycle path and is testament to the efforts that the council put in to improve the environment. Pity about the graffiti.

A nice easy spin round today, covered just under 18 miles.

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