Saturday, 8 November 2014

Yatton Yomp 30

Had to wait until after lunch to go out today. Really heavy rain all morning, no surprise that a big game of football in the town has had to be postponed. The mission today was to go to Yatton and find the start of the Strawberry Line, a disused railway line.

Puxton 'floods'

Leaving Puxton village to find the Strawberry Line, a motorist stopped me and warned me that the road was flooded. It didn't sound too bad so soldiered on and rode through it OK. There was certainly a lot of water around today with some rhynes (ditches) nearly overflowing and some fields have a lot of standing water present. Residents of the Somerset Levels must be a bit apprehensive if this continues.

Strawberry Line Yatton

So named because of the high volume of strawberries carried between the Cheddar area to Yatton and on to Clevedon. Long disused, a lot of work has been done to make it walker/cyclist friendly and the section between Cheddar and Yatton is complete. At Yatton, a wrought iron gateway has been erected indicating the start/finish of the current open section.

30 miles today in wet and muddy conditions. Had to put the cycling gear straight into the washing machine when I got back

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