Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28th October 2014 Filling Flyer 17

Filling is not about apple pies, its about teeth.  Despite Old Gits day, the first job was to go to the dentist. An early appointment meant there was an opportunity to catch up with the old fellas half way round the normal circuit.

Man and machine in perfect harmony

Caught up with the Old Gits at the watering hole in Hewish. After having two teeth filled, felt fine, so headed to the garden centre and arrived just as the guys had finished ordering their vittles. One of them had taken some photos on a previous Tuesday and this was taken on the incline leading up to the M5 overbridge near to Christon. The man and machine in perfect harmony was about 150 yards ahead of me.

Returned back home taking the same route and did just under 17 miles today in pretty good weather for the end of October.

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