Monday, 27 October 2014

27th October 2014 Back in the saddle 3!

Back home from a week in Tenerife and a week with no cycling. Loads to do today so time was very limited but managed to get out for a short time and went with Tommy, one of the grandsons, to check out the local model shop looking for a remote controlled car. Perhaps a remote controlled bike may be better.  We just rode down into Weston town and back.

Let battle commence

The old lido, or swimming pool, on the sea front at Weston has become a real white elephant over the last 14 years and was featured in a blog recently. With all this security fencing that has appeared in the last week it looks as if the local council are, at last, going to make something of this feature known as the Tropicana.

Summer returns?

Further down the prom, it was not too easy cycling through the tourists. It is school half term of course, but the weather, nearly 20 degrees today, meant that a lot more folk were enjoying the 'seaside'. The local trades folk were making the most of the influx.

Garden of Fragrance

The model shop had closed down so Tom and I had a mooch around the back streets of Weston. In a corner of Grove Park, we found this Garden Of Fragrance. Provided for the blind by a local Round Table, this was designed and built in 1959 and gives a sensory experience to both able and disabled people. With braille signs and other features, it is a very peaceful corner of the park. At this time of year of course, not many flowers around to enjoy.

The Seasons

Another sensory part of the garden, a slupture depicting the four seasons with each face providing information, by touch, to the blind visitor

Not much in the way of cycling to report today but is was a good little ride of just over three miles to prepare for tomorrows outing with the Weston Old Gits CC.

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