Tuesday, 9 September 2014

9th September 2014 Old Gits Gallup 24

Tuesday. Must be out with the Weston Old Gits Cycling Club. A total of 9 turned up today.Did the usual route from Weston, up Banwell Hill (did not have to walk today), Winscombe, Sandford and back through Puxton and St. Georges to Weston.

Old Station Green

Riding into Winscombe, we joined the Strawberry Line.  At this point, there used to be a station, prior to the Beeching cuts and part of it is preserved as the Millenium Green. Photo shows the edge of the platform of the station.

Strawberry Line Peleton

The Old Gits charging down the Strawberry Line. Led by Geoff and Alan. Not sure if Dave, in the blue, is waving at the camera or angry because he has been overtaken.

Katy Way

This path links the Strawberry Line with the Nye Road and runs through an apple orchard. Harvesting has finished and there was not an apple in sight.  This pathway has been kindly loaned as a pathway by the landowner which is generous. This has gone on especially for my grandaughter, another Katie, but spelt differently.

Full Quart

Nice looking pub this, just down from the garden centre where we had indulged in tea and a variety of foodstuffs. Sat outside again chewing the fat, as usual.  Overall, good reviews so worth putting on the list for the future.

Living sculpture

A nice idea at the entrance to one of Weston's cycleways. Nothing nearby to indicate what the thinking is behind this.

Incident of the day

Norman's chain came off after going over a bump. Some of the gang, Les, Geoff helped him put it back on whilst Bert supervised from a safe distance.  30 seconds and the job was done.

Another good ride in lovely weather. Long may it last. 23 miles covered today.

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