Monday, 8 September 2014

8th September 2014 Sand Bay Saunter 12

Another Indian summer day, perfect for a trip out on the bike. Out with the Old Gits in the morning so an easy one over to Sand Bay should be just right.

The Big Wheel

This is now a permanent fixture on the Weston prom. Nearly opposite the Grand Pier, a perfect spot for catching all the day trippers.

Brunel 200

As part of the town's floral celebrations, it was decided to make this train and a bit of track dedicated to Isambard Kingdom Brunel who was born in 1806. A great innovator he was instrumental in bringing the railway to the town and this spot, near the town centre marks the spot where the railway used to finish in the town. The main station is some 300/400 yards away from this point. Apologise for putting the bike amongst the flowers but it was the only way to get a decent shot.

The Big Basket

More floral celebrations near to the Queensway shopping centre.  A big basket of flowers. It is my wife's birthday today but these are a bit big to take back on the bike. The normal bag of crisps and a bottle of Vimto will have to do.

A nice easy 12 on the Peugot today/ The bike is going allright, have fixed the loose pedal and will use it for the Old Gits ride tomorrow.

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