Saturday, 6 September 2014

6th September 2014 Hutton Horror 15

Set off for a spin around Weston, a bit later in the day than normal, but the warm sunny weather continues so making the most of it.  Going through the housing estates to get used to the many cyclepaths in the area and then making tracks towards Banwell,   Locking, Uphill and back home.                                                          


Donkeys have been working in Weston for at least two centuries, originally hauling fish and seaweed and later, when the Victorians discovered the place with the advent of the railways, as beasts of burden, carrying people around. At one time there was anything up to 150 of them working on the beach at any given time. Not so many nowadays. Thankfully, they are regulated; no working day should exceed 9 hours, they must, by law, have one day a week off, and not carry anyone over 8 stone (112 lbs). These statues were on one of the housing estates and they have been put in a place where they passed daily on their way to 'work'.

Road Hazard.

This one taken for the benefit of the local council. This road juction is almost completely masked by the low branches of the tree. Admittedly there is a pedestrian/cycle way crossing controlled by traffic lights but it is unnerving trying to cross if you cannot see if the cars are actually stopping. Will get into Grumpy Old Git mode and send them this.

Why Hutton Horror? Because I had no idea where I was going and ended up travelling towards the village of Hutton up a rather testing hill. I do confess to walking the last 20 yards or so. Apart from that, a nice 15 miles covered.

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