Friday, 5 September 2014

5th September 2014 Somerset Saunter 24

Another nice day weatherwise. Consulted the large scale Ordnance Survey map for the area and decided to take a ride down to Brent Knoll, a hill that stands on its own on a fairly flat terrain. Went out through Uphill towards Brean, down to Brent via Wick and back through Eastertown, Lympsham, Breadon and the sea front at Weston. Interestingly it was all country roads but crossed the railway 12 times, the M5 twice, the A38 twice.

The Red Cow 

In Brent Village, the Red Cow looked a reasonable enough pub.  It gets 4/5 overall on trip advisor so may be worth a visit sometime.

Brent Post Office

This is also a general store serving the village which lies at the foot of Brent Knoll. The hill itself stands 450' above the Somerset Levels and before this area was drained the hill was an island known as the Isle, or Mount, of Frogs. One of King Arthur's knights came here when it was an island to slay three giants who lived on the mount. Honest!

Fox and Goose, Brent

Situated on the A38, one of the main routes into Devon and Cornwall, this pub has had good reviews on trip advisor, in respect of the food at least. Another one worth checking out.

A good trip out on some unknown roads. Clocked 24.5 miles and is a route worth doing again.  Starting to clock a few miles up on the Peugeot now.


  1. we had a nice meal at the Brent Knoll pub in May 2012. There's a pic on my 2012 UK trip blog vide.

  2. Thanks for that. Will be going out there tonight (8th Sep) to celebrate my wife's birthday.