Thursday, 4 September 2014

4th September 2014 Chadwick Chase 23

Spent a couple of days in Leamington and rode 7 miles yesterday, but no blog for that one. Met up with Mick today at Coventry and went out around the lanes of Warwickshire and the West Midlands taking in Burton Green, Balsall Common, Chadwick End and Temple Balsall. Certainly picked a good day, excellent cycling weather.  We had to have a tea stop at La Delicia Balsall Common and overdose on a huge eccles cake each.


These have been on this site before but without the addition of the extra figure. The highly trained athlete certainly adds something different to the original. These are on the bridle path that runs between the Greenway at Kenilworth and Warwick University.

Campus Creation

Not sure what this represents. On the University campus near to the student union complex and the car park that is soon to become a bus station. No explanation, but nearby is a notice board that outlines the University policy about environmentally friendly policies towards heating and power. Anyone any ideas? This should change when item 4 on this page gets under way.

Warwick Arts Centre

A very popular theatre and cinema on the campus. There have been some really good plays, artists and shows performed here.  Long may it continue

Thermal Power

Following on from the earlier entry, a shift of emphasis on energy has meant this power station has been built on the edge of the univesity site. It draws energy from underground and will be used to heat and power the site. I believe this is all part of a research project by the University scientific services department.  May be useful when the oil runs out!

Good to catch up with Mick and try out some new roads as well as visit La Delicia again. A fraction under 23 miles by the time we diverted slightly for Mick to get his morning paper.


  1. Hi Ken
    Good to meet up this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I will do the Chadwick End leg again soon so I get to know it and remember where the turns are!


  2. I've been exploring today Mick. It was a good idea to take an Ordnance Survey with me!