Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2nd September 2014 Winscombe Wheeler 24

Tuesday morning so it's out with the Weston Old Gits. Rode out with a couple of them to the Bourton Arms where five others joined us. It was out then on the usual circuit through Banwell, Winscombe, Sancombe and back home via Puxton.

Don't upset the apple cart!

Harvesting is in full swing in the Somerset orchards. Good news for cider drinkers, a really good crop this year apparently. We could hear the machines in the orchard but never saw any which is a shame. Would have been interesting to see how the apples are harvested.

The Pelaton

We all commented what a lovely day it was for a cycle ride. A little bit chilly first thing but it soon warmed up. Away from the main roads it was a real pleasure to be out in the warm sunshine in the backwaters of Somerset.

Caffle Garden Centre

This is on the A370, inland from Weston. The place also sells sewing machines and has a very nice cafe. Did you think we called in for a sewing machine?

Time for tea and cake

Expensive day for yours truly. The custom is for members with birthdays pay for the tea. I had to own up, especially as Bert had coughed up recently. We all sat outside having tea and toast or apple cake. A good place to put the world to rights. a good time to stop, 15 miles in, 9 to go. Had a bit of a mishap on the Peugeot. Leaving the cafe, the crank worked loose but luckily, Norman had some pliers which temporarily fixed the problem and saw me home.

A pleasure to be out today. 24 miles all told.

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