Monday, 1 September 2014

1st September 2014 Birthday Bash 13

71 candles on the cake today. Where does the time fly?  Out for a spin around Weston and Sand Bay. Dull start to the day with  drizzle and after a couple of miles almost gave up because of the weather. The forecast did not prompt the taking of wet weather gear along for the ride.  It did ease up and me and the Peugeot made it to the end of Sand Bay without getting too soaked.

Bug House

First port of call was Grove Park at the northern end of Weston. A nice secluded spot, not far from the centre of town. In one corner was this 'Bug House', a little structure with all sorts of features that would encourage insects to make their nests in.  Not much activity evident today, they are all having a lie in because of the weather.

Jill's Garden

Another feature in Grove Park is a memorial garden dedicated to Jill Dando, a famous TV presenter.  Born and educated in Weston Super Mare, she was one of the BBC's top presenters in the 90s. Sadly, she was murdered on her doorstep in April 1999 aged just 37years old. This garden was designed and constructed by the BBC Ground Force team and was opened in August 2001. It contains a small pond and many of Jill's favourite flowers and shrubs. A fitting tribute.

Unknown sculpture?

By the Marine Lake in Weston is a small garden which was sponsored by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, an employee led insurance scheme which started towards the end of the 19th century. A small plaque indicates that the garden was set up as a tribute to their convalescent home which must have been in, or nearby, Weston. Can't find out about it now, it must have closed down. No idea what that large white plastic blob is all about.

A bit of a celebration ride today. Just under 13 miles in the rain; that will do.


  1. Happy Birthday Ken - you're still just a youngster! No ride for me today too much rain - hope to see you soon Graham

  2. Happy birthday. 71 candles eh - I bet they took some blowing out. Lesley