Sunday, 24 August 2014

Disney Drudge! 20

Back after a week's holiday. Why a drudge? This report incorporates 3 'rides', all done on an exercise bike which I find very tedious. Having said that it was good to get the legs moving. The upside of this is, the bike was tethered in a fitness centre on board the Disney Magic, a cruise ship in the mediterranean. So drudge is a little unfair. We took two of our grandchildren on a trip aboard the Disney Magic, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The Athlete!

Notice the blurred legs, indicating the tremendous amount of power and work going into this first session in the Disney Fitness centre. Thanks to Josh, the centre fitness instructor, for taking the picture even though he would not let me use the proper bikes, just this sitting back in an armchair type. Still had a good workout though.

The Equipment

Not a bad set up really with a choice of functions, views, levels and information displays, none of which made the effort any easier!  Looking out to sea was not a bad view either.

The Workouts

Did three sessions in the gym, mostly to escape the constant hounding around the decks by Peter Pan. He seemed to be everywhere and popped up at all sort of locations to give a cheery "Morning Sir, how are you.?" After the third time I suspected I was being stalked by him. Managed about 20 miles in all over the three sessions  which was sufficient, considering the extra effort that was put in.

The View

This was the last workout in the the port of Naples. Very hot there and the view out of the window was Mount Vesuvius with Pompeii on the lower slopes. The cloud on the left was a cloud and not the start of another volcanic eruption. Not many views in the world better than this from a gym I would suspect.

Around 20 miles done over the 3 days. A lot lower than average but better than nothing. Now, where can I get anti Peter Pan spray from?


  1. Didn't you go ashore anywhere or wasn't there anything worth photographing?!!!

  2. Went ashore at Villefrance, did a tour into Pisa, did the Rome port and Naples. Very hot and tiring for the littlies. No opportunities for cycling around unfortunately but did get some good pics.