Thursday, 14 August 2014

14th August 2014 Warwickshire Wheeler 45

Lightning visit back to Warwickshire to catch up with family and friends. Arranged to go out for a ride with Graham and decided after meeting him at the Heathcote Pub to go to Alcester to see our friend John. A bit of a dull day with a promise of rain so waterproofs were at the ready. Went out through Wellesbourne, Stratford, Bideford on Avon and back through Bearley and Norton Lindsey.

Gift Shop Barton

In the village of Barton, near to Bideford, is the Malt House Barn, a gift shop. Considering the very quiet nature of the village and the very few tourists passing through, surprised if this quaint little shop does much trade.

Bideford on Avon Bakery

Entering Bideford we had to stop and put our waterproof tops on. Luckily the rain was a short, sharp, burst and Mother Nature left us alone for the rest of the day. We had pre-warned John that we were on the way so, as a treat we stopped at the bakery in Bideford to get three lardy cakes. They are superb and being priced at 80 pence are a real bargain.  Eaten with a cup of tea at John's, conversation stopped for a few minutes.

Gold Post Boxes

A legacy of the 2012 Olympics, gold medal winners were honoured with having a post box painted gold in their home town. This double box, in the High Street at Alcester, was painted in honour of Nick Skelton who won gold in one of the show jumping  events. If you are reading this John, I did post your letter, in the left hand one.

Good to get back on my road bike although the nether regions were not too happy after a month out of the saddle. A good 45 mile round trip, catching up on the news with Graham.

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