Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26th August 2014 Banwell Bind 14

Out with the Weston Old Gits CC today. Not a nice day at all, could not see Wales across the estuary through the low cloud and drizzle.

The Borough Arms

On the Locking Road out of Weston is the Borough Arms.  This is the regular meeting place for the Weston Old Gits, every Tuesday at 8.30am. A total of five turned up today and it was a case of taking shelter for a few minutes waiting in case others turned up.  The diehards are from the left, Paul, Geoff, John and Arnie.  Unfortunately, I had an appointment in town at 10am so only went part of the way round with them, turning back at the top of Banwell Hill.

Deserted Cafe

After business in town, went a short way around the promenade before going home. Not many folks about although the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing. Not a good time for businesses like this cafe near the pier.

Westward Ho
Originally called the Cromarty Rose, the Westward Ho started life as a 2 car, 50 person ferry on the Cromarty Firth in Ireland. In February 2010 she sailed to the Bristol Channel under new ownership and was renamed. She now does trips around the two local islands, Flat and Steep Holm as well as the occasional trip to Cardiff. It claims to be the world's smallest car ferry.

Weston Pier

As a newcomer to the town, it has been impressive the care that is taken to maintain the beaches in a clean state. They are swept daily and this includes any seaweed brought up by the tide. The pier is the centre of attraction for the day trippers, despite the recent addition of a pound entrance fee.

Just short of 14 miles today. Could not help but feel a bit miffed that whilst I was sat in a bank office, the Old Gits were munching on some of that delicious apple cake at the tea spot.

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