Saturday, 9 August 2014

9th August 2014 Bleadon Hill Horror 7

Limited time today with visitors pending so went out through the next village, Uphill, to Bleadon and the hill there. A blustery morning but sunny.

St Nicholas Church Uphill

A short distance from my home is the little village of Uphill. Not all that big but has its fair share of shops and pubs. St Nicholas Church is a little way off the village centre and was built in Victorian times to replace an much older church on the top of a nearby hill.  Cheating slightly, this picture was taken a few days ago, the one I took today was rubbish as the sun and shade were all wrong first thing in the morning.

Uphill floral display

This is on the small traffic island near the centre of the village.  Going along with the local flower displays, this display is also in a boat.

Hellenge Hill

Heading towards the top of Bleadon Hill, saw this bench dedicated to a George Wall. Much needed at this point, it is a fairly long ascent with some sharp little kicks in it.  Very impressive views looking  south towards Lympsham with Brent Knoll in the distance. 

Gracelands UK

A rambler I was chatting to at the start of the long climb told me about this house nearing the top of Bleadon Hill. It is called Gracelands and is modelled on the original in Memphis.  Having been around Elvis's house, this is fairly close to the original. As the chap did say, it is looking a little dilapidated now and could do with some TLC.  Time getting a bit short, I did not continue to the top of the hill, leave that for another day.

A good workout today, despite only doing nearly 7 miles. Going home was easy especially the last half mile along the beach!

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