Sunday, 10 August 2014

10th August 2014 Promenade Puncture 4

Not a good morning for a ride but with the remnants of a hurricane heading towards the UK, best to get out whilst the opportunity presents itself. Just going into Weston along the promenade to see what photo opportunities there might be.

The Grand Pier

Rather deserted at 8.30am, understandable as it opens at 10! Not many people on the prom either, methinks Weston is going to be rather empty today especially as very strong winds are expected later. No sign of the donkeys either, they are normally out by now.

The Mall

Went into the Sovereign Centre for the first time yesterday. Not a bad place at all although it suffers from the 'all the shops are the same regardless of where you are' syndrome.

Carried on from the town along the northern end of the prom to the old pier. Noticed that the rear tyre was getting a bit soft, plus the rain was getting heavier, so put a bit of air in the tyre and finished the ride. Just 4 miles but good to have a spin out.

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